Sweeping Colours and Emotions: Kirsten Jackson Interview

Sweeping Colours and Emotions: Kirsten Jackson Interview

Kirsten Jackson, Australian based artist delights her fans with bright, energetic and inspiring abstract motifs. Her free spirited attitude and optimist towards life can be seen in the vibrancy of her paintings. Plus she has some killer throw pillows taken from her paintings. 

Artist in her studio


1. Have you always been an artist?

I started painting when my children were very young and it is my profession 😀 I studied visual arts at RMIT part time when my children were young but never finished the degree I got to busy with painting orders.

2. If you could meet any artist who would they be?

I love Ken Dones paintings his use of colour is amazing I would love to meet him.

3. If you could take 6 months off to work on your artwork somewhere any where in the world, where would that be?

I would love to be on the Amalfi Coast painting for six months but all my paintings would probably be blue!!


In Love with Summer


4. What are you most inspired by?

I am inspired by people who don't give up and keep persisting when I first started out I got a lot of rejection from galleries but just kept progressing and making my own opportunities.

5. If you had any piece of advice to artists just starting their careers what would you say?

I get a lot of artists starting out asking for help and my advice is try different things with your art and business some work some don't but you will not die wondering .


Image from artist website


6. Why do you prefer abstract compositions?

I love abstracts because I love colour and the colour is the painting . Colour is so important but so is the composition of a painting sometimes you have to know when to stop working on a piece. I bring my paintings in from the studio and look at them for a few days to make sure I absolutely love them before they go to their new homes or exhibitions.

7. What is your mantra?

My legacy is to bring happiness with colour to people's homes and make their home beautiful. My mantra is "never give up" did I mention I am also a marathon runner and have competed with my running for a long time so part of that mantra comes from what I have learnt as a athlete .


"I am playful I love painting it is my peaceful time." –Kirsten Jackson



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