Currently on my Netflix Queue

Currently on my Netflix Queue

I have made a list of my current Netflix binge queue this past month. Be warned some of these documentaries may make you feel like you are doing nothing with your life. Nonetheless we all need a kick in the booty to keep us fresh and pushed to keep going. I have also added a feel good movie that is arty inspired.


1.     How to Make a Million

I feel like I have been jipped, being an Audrey Hepburn fan for as long as I can remember, why I never seen her in the film “How to make a Million” puzzles me. It combines all the great, Paris, art, Audrey (of course) and art. The film start Hepburn with her leading man O’Steele who fall in love in unlikely circumstances from Hepburn’s grandfather who is an artist that makes his living off of forging famous artists. Audrey desperate to conceal her grandfather and keep him out of jail bumps into wouldn’t you know the leading man in art forgery and art criminology. He ends up in a long elaborate plan to steal a beloved sculpture that could detriment her grandfather’s collection as illegitimate and a fake making him a fraud and criminal.

The storyline progresses in the posh streets of Paris including the Ritz Carlton. In true Hepburn style she graces the screen with her poise elegance and chic style. Also, artwork from the ranks of Van Gogh and Monet are chronicled in the film as well. “How to Make a Million” is currently on my Netflix queue and no immediate plans of that changing.


2.     Abstract: The Art of Design

Netflix’s new series chronicles designers in various fields such as graphic designer, interior designer, set designer, and Nike shoe designer. If you are a Netflix lover think Chef’s Table but for designers. The series is done in documentary style and chronicles top performing designers in their fields. It is done in such a way that it is inspiring, creative and full of story telling. The art of each person’s craft is elevated in such a way that the simplest design or concept is revealed to show the mastery behind their skill set. I highly recommend this series if you are into good story telling with beautiful visuals.


3.     Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Gua-Ding

Saw Cai’s work in New York in 2008 at the Guggenheim and was struck by his use of gunpowder to make scenes on canvases. It was very unconventional and it was the beginning of my love for Contemporary art. This documentary goes into the artist’s life and his current projects that he is working on.