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Erin Remington

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Hi my name is Erin Remington, AND I am the curator of afinereye.

Erin Remington

I have my Master’s in Modern Art History, Theory & Criticism just to make my love of art a little more official. Here I can share my love and so-called knowledge of the current art world.

I love art, especially modern and contemporary –– yes those weird squiggly lines and drawings that look like your four year old self could do, if not better –– because maybe it means there is hope for me?!

I dabble at being an artist, (not sure if I am any good) and love to travel. I am located in sunny southern California, and I share my fave creative, yummy and heart-eyed places around and abroad. This space is dedicated to art, artists and places in between.

Some of my favorite artists are James Turrell, Georgia O’Keefe, Dan Flavin, Helen Frankenthaler, Sheila Hicks, and Matisse.


Book Recommendation

Just read this book, In Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse and the Birth of Modernist Art. The book is a blend of narrative and historical depiction of the infamous time period of modern art. It includes the intertwining of artist’s lives such as Picasso, Matisse, Braque... just to name a few. It recounts their personal and professional lives. It interweaves the artist one into each other all around the career of Picasso. If you are expecting a novel this book is not for you, if you are history buff this is much more up your alley. Either way it sure is giving me my million and one reason why to plan my trip to Paris.


Favorite Gallery

My favorite gallery to visit is Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. It continually has museum quality exhibitions at the convenience of a gallery. The space is intimate and in a historical building in Los Angeles on Museum row. In fact it is just down the street from LACMA.


Favorite Artist

One artist I have my eye on is Scarlett Bowman, she uses ready-made materials in such a way that is innovative to have a blend of both painting and sculpture. She is based in London and one that I would love to meet in person one day.

Another artist I forever am in love with is Mark Rothko, if you are not familiar with him, you are missing out. I spent  80 pages worth to be exact unpacking his paintings from all angles.



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